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Kathryn Robinson, OTR/L - GRE, MHE and PGE

This is my 8th year with DCSD schools.  I work in the Parker area and I know that I work at some of the best schools in the district.   I can honestly say that in all of my schools I have an amazing, dedicated staff that gives 110% to their students every day.  It is motivating to come to work every day and observe the wonderful interactions that take place in the halls and classrooms in my schools.   I really enjoy working with the children on my caseload and feel that they really enjoy coming to OT every week!  

I have been an OT for 26 years.  I graduated from CSU and completed internships in Psychology and at Craig Hospital.   After my internship at Craig I decided to work there and stayed for 20 years!   I specialized in neuro-rehabilitation of individuals who suffered traumatic brain injuries and strokes. Eventually I focused on community reintegration with individuals with both TBI and SCI assisting my clients with their return to their community to include a return to work and/or to school.